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About Review0 for Authors

About Review0

  1. Review0 is a Search Engine & Decision Engine for Authors
    • Use Review0 as a Search Engine to find the best Service Providers
    • Use Review0 as a Decision Engine to decide which Service Provider to work with

  2. Review0 is a product of Search LLC, our US Company founded in June 2015 and headquartered in Delaware, USA

  3. Our Sister Companies run Books Butterfly which has sold $1.5 million of book promotion packages to Authors

  4. We have a Strong History of Trust and Reliability - For our Book Promotion Business (Books Butterfly) we have only 18 disputes in the last 7,102 book promotion packages sold to Authors

  5. Our Sister Companies have a strong history of creating great products
    • Final Fantasy LLC was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in Delaware, USA
    • 7 Dragons Inc was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
    • They have worked as business partners with Microsoft Corporation, Apple Inc, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Google over the last 10 years
    • They have sold over 1.35 million paid apps and made over $1 million from paid app sales

  6. By focusing on a Win-Win for both Authors and Readers we were able to grow our Book Promotion Service (Books Butterfly) rapidly
    • We grew our reader base 160 times in March 2013 to December 2017 - from 50,000 readers to 8 Million readers
    • We sold $1.5 million of book promotion packages to Authors in July 2014 to December 2018
    Now we are bringing that same Win-Win mentality to Authors and Service Providers with Review0

  7. While working with Authors we saw the need to help Authors Save their Time and Money
    • Time - Review0 helps authors save time by recommending the best service providers to work with
    • Money - Review0 helps authors get the best value for money by pointing them to service providers that offer great value

Trust, Benefits, How Review0 Works

There are 3 pages that will help you better understand the Benefits of using Review0, how Review0 Works, and why you can trust Review0
  1. Review0 Benefits for Authors -

  2. Review0 Trust for Authors -

  3. How Review0 Works for Authors -

Main Aims of Review0

  1. Make it Easy and Convenient for Authors to find great Service Providers to Work With

  2. Save Authors Time and Money

  3. Make it Easy for Service Providers to find good Authors to work with

  4. Save Service Providers Time and Money by connecting them with Authors that are a good fit for their services

  5. Organize the entire ecosystem into a Win-Win-Win Ecosystem where everyone benefits

  6. Focus on What Works

  7. Build a Cradle to Grave solution that covers every aspect of Publishing and eBooks and allows authors to find everything in one place

Why we built Review0

  1. When working with Authors we realized that a lot of authors were spending a lot of time and money figuring out what works

  2. When talking with Service Providers we found that they were all looking for an easy way to find good customers

  3. The Ecosystem did not have a laser sharp focus on - What Works + Who Does It Work For

  4. Both Authors and Service Providers were spending too much time and effort on things that were not their core competencies. Authors would much rather be writing. Service Providers would much rather be building and delivering their services

  5. There was no structured and easy approach. Everything needed to be easier and faster and more convenient
With Review0 we have built an easy to use Search Engine which helps Authors find the best and most reliable Service Providers. Review0 is also a Decision Engine which helps Authors decide which of these great Service Providers they should work with

Reach 5 Million+ Readers. Books Butterfly (our sister company) can get your book in front of millions of readers

You can promote your book to 1.8 Million Twitter Readers, 2.8 Million App Readers, and 310,000 Email Subscribers with Books Butterfly

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