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Review0 Benefits for Service Providers

What Benefits can Service Providers get from Review0?

Review0 provides the following 10 Main Benefits to Service Providers
  1. Acquire Clients/Customers - Review0 is a Search Engine and Decision Engine for Authors. By being part of Review0 you will be shown when Authors are searching for Service Providers and can acquire them as customers. You will also show up when Authors are searching for reviews and deciding on which service provider to buy services from

  2. Acquire Clients/Customers of Good Intent - Review0 focuses on connecting the best authors (Authors with Good Intent) with the best Service Providers. You can acquire authors with the good intention to buy services, and the good intention to work with a win-win mentality

  3. Accessible to Service Providers of All Sizes - Review0 allows service providers of all sizes to benefit from the platform and reach the right author clients for them. Whether you're a single person entrepreneur or a 10 person startup or a 40,000 people Enterprise company, we will connect you to your perfect set of clients

  4. Clients are in Purchase Mentality - Search Engines like Review0 are a great marketing channel as people who are searching are already looking to buy services. Review0 is also a Decision Engine which helps authors make a good decision on what to buy. Clients are making the purchase decision on Review0 itself and you reach them at the perfect time

  5. Increase Sales Conversion by Showing Reviews on Your Own Site (only for paying Service Provider Clients) - You can show Review0 reviews on your own site. If you're a paying Customer you get a non-exclusive right to show any reviews your service has gotten, on your own website. Reviews and Testimonials are the #1 factor to increase sales conversion on your website

  6. Increase Credibility and Trust - We verify that a business is a legitimate business and that there are actual human beings running the business. Every paying customer gets a Review0 Verified Trust Badge and Status. You can show this Trust Badge on your website, you can point customers to your Verified Business page at Review0, and thereby significantly increase Credibility and Trust

  7. Pay for Performance/Sales - Review0 charges an annual listing fee which is very reasonable. After that, Review0 will charge 10% (or your standard commission rate) for sales. You pay only for actual sales

  8. Advertise only to Authors - As Review0 is built specifically for Authors, the only people seeing your advertisements and offers and promotions are authors

  9. Money Flows to Honest and Reliable Service Providers - By including only tested, honest, legitimate service providers we ensure that authors' money isn't wasted on $26,000 pie in the sky advertising, or on $3,000 covers that look like $10 ones. Authors using Review0 route their money to Honest and Reliable Service Providers. That means more money for you (if you get accepted on to the Review0 site and platform)

  10. Increased Trust from being on Review0 - Being approved for Review0 means Authors using Review0 trust you more. They instantly know that you were screened and confirmed as a honest, legitimate service provider

Additional Review0 Benefits for Service Providers

Review0 also provides the following additional benefits to Service Providers
  1. More Impactful Reviews - Reviews and Testimonials on your website are not trusted as much as Reviews at a Third Party Website. By pointing Authors to Review0 and/or showing Review0 reviews on your Website (only available with paid membership) you can reassure Authors that a trusted Third Party Review Service is collecting the reviews and they are genuine

  2. Focus on Customers of Good Intent - Across our sister companies we've worked with over 10,000 authors. We now understand how to focus on Customers of Good Intent. We are building up Review0 as a platform that is full of Customers of Good Intent. At Review0 we only allow in Authors who have good intentions. Most of the Authors you will acquire as customers from Review0 will be Good Customers with a Win-Win mentality

  3. A Variety of Effective Advertising Options - At Review0 you can advertise in our Deals Email List to Authors, you can advertise in Search Results, you can advertise in the various lists, and you can advertise on various pages

  4. Become a Better Service Provider - Review0 allows you to form a better connection with your Clients and understand them and their needs better. Review0 also helps you to understand your market area better

  5. Official Review from Review0 - In some cases Review0 will write a detailed official review for a Service Provider. If you are lucky enough to get this, it will increase Review0 Authors' trust in you. It will also provide them with a lot of insight and detail into your services and into you as a Service Provider

  6. A Platform You Can Leverage - At its core, Review0 is a platform. You can get reviews, you can get credibility, you can benefit from Data and Business Intelligence. We are constantly adding features that help you gain more customers and build stronger relationships with them

  7. Valuable Data Analytics & Insights - Get Analytics & Insights on how many prospective clients visited your page, where they arrived from, how long they spent reading reviews and information, and how many clicked through to your website

  8. Pre Sales Boost - Review0 provides Author Clients with a wide variety of information about every Service Provider. Authors can see your website, your phone number, what part of the market you serve, your ideal client profile, your testimonials page, your pricing page, and additional details. If you're a paying customer we will specify that you are a Verified Business and also allow you to add further information about yourself. Paying members can even offer special deals and offers to Authors right on their Review0 page

  9. Data Intelligence (only for Data Intelligence Membership Level Clients) - If you're signed up for the Data Intelligence Membership Level you get access to data and analytics and trends on what searches are hot, what services and products in your market space are trending, and additional insights to grow your business and profits faster

  10. Business Intelligence (only for Business Intelligence Membership Level Clients) - If you're signed up for the Business Intelligence Membership Level you get access to business insights and strategy feedback. We will keep you updated on important trends in the market and will also provide individualized feedback on how you can improve conversion, increase number of positive reviews, decide your business strategy, and be more successful

  11. Protection against Witch Hunts - Review0 does not allow consumer revenge or witch hunts. Only Authors who have actually used your service are allowed to add reviews. We reject reviews that contain attacks or any form of defamation or discrimination. If there are coordinated attacks we reject all reviews involved

  12. Protection against Fake Reviews from Competitors - Review0 has measures in please to ensure your competitors cannot target you via fake reviews. Any competitors found using fake reviews to target you, will be banned for life from Review0

  13. A Fair Playing Field - Review0 does not allow fake positive reviews. This means that everyone in your market space must get reviews from actual customers. We make sure that the system cannot be gained and it's a meritocracy
Please note that many of these benefits only apply to paying Review0 customers

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